November 13, 2016

cadillac type 57 | victoria

Back in 1914, Cadillac produced the first serial American V8 engine car. The 1914 L-Head. It was a sophisticated engine with an aluminium crankcase and it used a flat-plane crankshaft. Bore was 3.125 in (79 mm) and stroke was 5.125 in (130 mm), for a total of 314 cu in (5.15 l) of displacement. Output was 70 hp (52 kW). It was a 90° water-cooled L-Headed (side valve). The Project team for this revolutionary engine for a mass production car, was leaded by Cadillac's chief engineer (1914-1917), Scottish –born, D. McCall White. He was hired by Henry Leland for his V-Engine expertise form Napier and Daimler, at Coventry. Later on he becomes a vice president of Cadillac.
In 1914, The Cadillac Type 51 was the first mass production car equipped with this type of engine. So, the first V8 equipped mass production car! And is not only thing that make this car different. The steer wheel is disposable to let big people to enter easily inside the car. It was the first left hand direction (at the time as an option) mass production car, also.
The model I present you is an conversion having as base model the Amercom 1:43 fire department car. Originally full red, I repainted it full black. The rims were repainted also, trying to reproduce the wood. The tyres are white walled as in the period.
A light weathering on the browned interior is meant to improve the realism note of the model.
As inspiration I had the car owned by Jay Leno and presented by himsels in some Tv Shows.
But enough talking, just enjoy the ride!

October 10, 2016

Tie | fighter

Tie fighter... Long story short! Everybody saw it once in a life time… at least. And if you’re telling me “No”, than google it and you’ll everything about in just several milliseconds.
What I want to talk about now is this Revell kit. The main issue in my opinion is the scale. We are told that we (will) buy a 1/11o scale kit. That’s what we know when we are in the shop. After unboxing we see that our tiny 1:11o scale kit is huge! But in reality, it is not at all 11oth scale!
Some documentation, measuring and calculating brings me to the conclusion that the kit is around 1:72 scale most than 1:11o. There are no space and time to explain all my logical chain till this conclution. A win would be if you make the same exercise and if we will compare the conclusions.
But, till then, look at my Tie. Enjoy the ride

And several photos without any post processing. But due to the light intensity and the black environement we have the sensation of  BW frames.

August 07, 2016

Alfetta GT | sporty slammed

Alfa Romeo Alfetta (Tipo 116) is a three volume sedan and a Fastback Coupe produced by the Italian maker between 1972 and 1987. The car is popular due to the powerful engines who equipped it (from 1.4l till 2.6V8 engine).
Alfa Romeo introduces with this model a new drivetrain layout. It is called Transaxle. This means that we have the clutch, the transmission and the differential in the rear of the vehicle. The main technical advantage of this is that the car has a very good weight balance.
The shape designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro flows from the front grille to the rear end developing big transparent surfaces and very thin pillars. This is a characteristic of the ‘80s. The rear quarter window is splitted at the middle by introducing a pillar which allows to the front segment of the window to roll down as the front door window. This solution is somehow unique.
For my model, just after I bought it, I saw red in front of my eyes. Alfa Romeo = red! So I disassembled the model and begun the process of painting. After this, I chose the rims: some steelies to bring the car in its time and to bring some sporty look. Sporty look, so, several decals are welcomed! Said and done! After all, for a more real look I opted to use bare metal foil for the windows trims instead of the silver paint.
Enjoy the ride. I hope you like it