April 14, 2017

steam punk | bike

Here it is the second vehicle from the fantasy series I begun years ago.
The first one was my Mustang street machine wich has as base a Mustang P51. This time there are a vehicle which is half airplane, half motorcycle. The plane donor is an AModel Yak 51. I do not recommend this kit. It is a modeler’s nightmare. The motorcycle donor is an academy police helicopter which comes with an Pollice Motorbike, also. Combining this tow half vehicles I have been created this antigravitational motorcycle. There are also some scratch built componenets but mainly there are original kit parts.
The paint is a camo inspired by the luftwafe WW II colors and the red stripes are from the AModel Yak kit. The finish is matte.
Enjoy the ride.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell that all this is O scale (1|48)

February 25, 2017

R8 | yellow stance

Renault 8 is a small family car rear-engine and rear-wheel drive.  It was launched in 1962. A bigger version of the Renault 8 will be launched in 1965 and it is called Renault 10. Lately Renault 10 will be replaced in 1973 by Renault 12.
Some says that the design of the Renault 8 is similar with Alfa Romeo’s Tipo 1o3 design, due to the relationship between Renault and Alfa Romeo in 6o’s. I find this resemblance somehow forced because there are too many differences between the two cars regarding the proportions. The only evident similarity is the front hood. And only the front hood!
The predecessor of the Renault 8 is Renault Dauphine which is the mechanical donor also. But as a curiosity the 8 is 3cm narrower than Dauphine. But using some thick cushioned seats wewre actualy each 60mm wider than those fitted in the Dauphine the perceived confort increaseses. The engine was improved also, and now appears the long life engine, the well-known Familly “C”. 40 years old Romanian generation knows very well this engine because in out youth was the main problem we had. Some will understand this, and the others will ask their aged friends or parents!
In January 1957 Amedee Gordini signs a contract with Renault to build 1o ooo units of Renault Dauphine. The Reanult Daphine Gordini has to be a Dauphine with the improved performance. The car was a real success and the next was the Renault 8. The 8 Gordini was the first family sporty car produced by Renault.
The model I present is a 1/24 Welly die cast. I lowered it, mounted some Tamiya Alpine A11o wheels and putted some stickers to give a racer look to my tiny yellow car.
I also added some front fog lamps for the night races.


January 28, 2017

MK I | ratted

Long time no see guys! 
At the beginning of this year I get out and I made some photos to my Mk I VW Golf. This car appears in 1974 and since then the Golf is a legend. Useless to spend time with car’s history. We all knows what das mean VW Golf represents for the automobile history.
Contrary, I’ll describe a little the mods I made to this model. The base is a Solido Model at 1@18 scale. The only openable parts are the doors. As you remarked, lately, the 1@18 models are conceived as 1@43 ones without openable parts and no steering front wheels. So thank you Solido. You didn’t like this! And not for this reason fully recommend this car, but also for its amazing proportions. I get in love with this model… at first sight! And instantly I decided tu rust it all! I dropped down, I putted bmf on bumpers and lateral trims, and I destroyed the interior. On a read door I get off the door trim and I scratch built the inner metal door panel.
But more interesting is to show you what I did than to describe it using countless letters grouped in countless words!
Enjoy the ride!